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MediSource Connect

A Health and Recovery Plan offered by Independent Health to residents of Erie County

What is MediSource Connect?

MediSource Connect is a New York State approved Health and Recovery Plan, other-wise known as a HARP. A HARP is a special needs Plan for Medicaid eligible adults (21+) that meet certain serious mental health and substance use disorder criteria. Individuals who are enrolled in a HARP will receive all Medicaid Managed Care benefits (both medical and behavioral Health benefits) and may also receive additional services (for HARP members only) called Community Oriented  Recovery and Empowerment services (CORE) and Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services (BHHCBS)

For additional information, make sure to check out some of our Helpful Resources.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for MediSource Connect you must meet ALL the requirements below:

You meet certain income, resource or behavioral health requirements to be eligible for Medicaid.

You are a New York State resident and a U.S. citizen or fall within one of the many immigration statuses and live in Erie County.

You are 21+ years of age.

If you are unsure if you are eligible, call New York Medicaid Choice at 844-HARP-999 or Independent Health’s Member Services Department at (716) 250-7183 or 1-833-891-9372 for more information about MediSource Connect.

Need to Renew?

We Make It Easy! Call Now to Renew.

This year, New York State will require you to renew your health plan. The last thing you need to worry about is losing your coverage. It's time for you to renew. Let us help!

Why Choose Independent Health?

As a member with Independent Health you get personalized service and the attention you deserve. Plus, Independent Health offers you benefits, including: 

  • A wide provider network, offering you plenty of choices and access to doctors.
  • Help searching for a doctor, with access to our online Find a Doctor tool.
  • Online member tools, where you can check your benefit summary, review claims and more.
  • Wellness discounts at a wide range of community partners. Just show your member ID card!
  • 24-Hour Medical Help Line lets you speak with a registered nurse anytime you have a health concern or can’t reach your doctor!
  • More Quality You Can Trust. Ranked 5 Stars in the NYS Consumer Rating Guide for Medicaid and Child Health Plus Health Plans.
  • We make it easy for you to get high quality care. Call an Independent Health RedShirt and we'll renew your coverage right over the phone!

Find a RedShirt

Select a convenient time at a location in your neighborhood to talk to a RedShirt about which plan option is right for you.

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Plan Summary




Applicable for certain prescription services. Prescriptions are covered through NYRx, the Medicaid Pharmacy Program.

Benefits at a Glance

Doctor Visits (Well or Sick)

Dental Care
(Routine or Emergency)

Vision Care


Lab Tests and X-rays

Emergency Room Services

Hospital Stays

Maternity Care

Occupational, physical and speech therapy (some limits apply)

Prescription Coverage through the NY State RX Program

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Family planning and reproductive services, including HIV testing

Transportation (Emergency and non-emergency)

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Behavioral Health Services managed by Carelon Behavioral Health

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Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services

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Behavioral Health Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment (CORE) Services

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For a complete description of benefits please see the MediSource Connect Member Handbook.

Only available with Independent Health

Brook & Brook+

Personalized Health Support with Brook and Brook+, including Meal Planning and Nutrition Advice.*

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Helpful Resources

For more information about Medicaid Managed Care, call New York Medicaid Choice at 1-800-505-5678. 

For more information about Medicaid, call New York Health Options at 1-800-541-2831.

To learn more about applying for health insurance through NY State of Health, The Official Health Plan Marketplace, visit or call 1-855-355-5777.

* Brook+ is available to eligible Independent Health members based on an eligibility survey. One fitness tracker voucher will be provided per eligible member after 4 weeks of program participation.