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Searching for quality health care has never been easier. You can find a doctor, hospital, urgent care and other providers in Independent Health's network.

Other Provider Networks

Your plan may have additional coverage with one, or more, of the provider networks shown below. 
Coverage may extend outside of Independent Health’s provider network (First Health, CDPHP, PHCS), or may include additional benefits such as vision, dental, hearing, behavioral health or transportation. Check your member contract for more details.

Employer Group/Individual coverage refers to plans offered through your employer or self-funded.

Medicare plans that you purchase on your own and are directly responsible for paying the monthly premium.

Programs offered through the State of New York.

About Our Provider Networks: Each Independent Health plan uses a specific network of providers, and that same network is used regardless of whether the plan is purchased through the New York State of Health Marketplace or directly through Independent Health. Independent Health does not use quality measures, member experience measures or cost-related measures to select practitioners for its network.

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