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Health Hub

Helping you get and stay healthy!

Welcome to the Health Hub!

Living a healthy life. It’s what we all want. Providing our members with the tools and information to achieve better health is an important part of the RedShirt® Treatment – and our Health Hub. A variety of topics and resources are available, including: 

From exercise and eating healthy to finding balance in your emotional and financial well-being, our Health Hub is here to help you succeed at achieving your personal health goals.

Workout from Home: On Demand

Daily exercise is an important part of overall health, especially as we age. Our Corporate Wellness team produced a series of instructional videos that make it easy and fun for you and your family to engage from the comfort of your home.

Getting regular exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy weight, it improves muscular strength, bone and joint health, cardiorespiratory fitness, improves brain health, improves balance and coordination, and reduces your risk for illness. We encourage all our members to engage in daily physical activity.

important-alert We would love to hear from you! Please take our survey and share your feedback on the videos you enjoyed as well as suggestions to help improve your Workout from Home experience.
Indoor Walking Workout

Need some extra steps in your day? This low impact session is just the thing for you! Perfect as a beginner workout or a quick warm up routine!

Low Impact Beginner workout for Legs

Leave your legs feeling strong after this low impact, no equipment needed leg burner! You are more than welcome to grab a chair or piece of sturdy furniture for assistance if needed.

Interval Challenge

Work at your level in timed intervals of 45 seconds with a quick 15 second rest. NO equipment needed!! Let break a sweat together & have some fun too!

Core workout – 3 ways

Strengthen your Core with 6 key exercises. Shown using body weight, resistance band or weights!

Crank Those Planks!

Need some variety in your plank routine? Or maybe you are new to this exercise and need guidance on form and modifications. Either way, the IH Wellness team has options for you!

Stretch & Flexibility

Instructor led stretches to increase mobility and flexibility. Can be done alone or after a good workout! No equipment needed.

Upper Body Mobility & Stretch

Incorporating a few simple movements into your daily routine can help to alleviate tightness in the upper back and neck. We'll be working from the floor, so a mat or towel is recommended for comfort.

Time to Unwind

Take a few moments to just be…. Following Michelle through some simple breathing techniques to relax your body & quiet your busy mind.

Countdown Cardio

Have fun moving through this low impact cardio routine, starting at 10 reps, then moving to 8, 6 and 4.  No equipment needed, just a little space in your room.

Countdown Strength Workout – ARMS

You'll need 2 medium weights to complete this arms strengthening workout.  Perfect for all levels!  Start with 10 reps of 4 exercises, then repeat with 8, 6 & 4.

Bodyweight Strength Challenge from the floor

Challenge your whole body using only your bodyweight.  No equipment needed, only a little room on the floor & a winning attitude!

Strength Building to Support Low Back Health- Video 3

Part 3 in our low back health series incorporates a dynamic warm up drill to help with mobility and flexibility in our glutes and hips, then demonstrates 3 exercises to build strength in your core and backside.

Webinars: On Demand

Independent Health strives to bring you evidenced based content on a variety of health-related topics to keep you informed. We use both internal and external experts to deliver both live and pre-recorded webinars.

We want to hear from you! Let us know what topics or health issues you’re interested in learning about.

Eat Fresh with Healthy Options & Fresh Catch

Learn to make a healthy bowl of miso soup, right at home!

Psychological Well-Being

This course aims to define the 6 factors of Psychological Well-being and why Psychological Well-being is important. It will help employees to recognize the need for self-care or stress management and ways they can manage stress and emotional health.

Sleep Well, Live Well

Learn about why sleep is so important and how to get enough of it!

Ergonomics and Back Health

Back pain affects nearly 80 percent of Americans and accounts for an enormous amount of lost productivity. This presentation will help employees understand how their back works and how to protect it from injury.

Staying Healthy During Your Busy Day

Between stressful days and extracurricular activities, staying energized and eating right can seem overwhelming. It can be a struggle to carve out time to nourish the body while struggling to meet deadlines. This presentation offers quick tips and shows how simple planning can make a huge difference in what we eat AND how we can stay on a budget. 

Beat the Heat with Hydration

Learn why hydration is important and what to look for so you don’t become Dehydrated!  We will present a few fun facts and a little trivia to keep you engaged and informed!