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Same Service. Different Cost.

You may have options that could save you money on routine health care services. Ask your doctor where you can go to receive the same service for a lower cost.

Understanding the Cost Difference

When your doctor recommends a health care service, like a chest X-ray or MRI, where you go could save you money. We offer a number of freestanding facilities in our network that provide the same services as a hospital, but typically for a lower cost. Understanding their differences in cost could help you save on health care expenses, especially for those in a deductible plan.

Below are examples of your potential savings for services at a freestanding facility compared to a hospital. 1

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A place that provides inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical care.

Freestanding Facility
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A place that provides outpatient services and that is not affiliated with or part of a hospital.

PET Scan
Sleep Studies
Echo Stress
CT Scan
Nuclear Stress
Bone Density

1 The costs listed represent averages across our entire network for our commercial business. This may not be your actual cost. Costs may further vary based on your providers and needs as a patient. Furthermore, costs listed are only for a specific procedure. There may be additional associated costs, such as anesthesia, medications and follow-up examinations. As a member, you can use our Treatment Cost Advisor to get more estimated costs of care.

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Launch directly into Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions’ Find A Pharmacy tool where you can find the pharmacy closest to you.

Ask your doctor about specialists.

When a specialist is recommended, ask if he or she can perform the service(s) at a freestanding facility.

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Launch directly into Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions’ Find A Pharmacy tool where you can find the pharmacy closest to you.

Confirm the location before you go.

If a referral is not required and you choose the location on your own, call the office to confirm the freestanding facility participates in our network and is not affiliated with a hospital.

Know Your Options. Know Your Costs.

Compare and Save — with our NEW Cost Comparison Tool

Health Care Services, Providers, Treatment Plans and More

When your doctor recommends a medical procedure, such as carpel tunnel surgery, cataract removal or even having a baby, our Cost Comparison Tool can help you search and compare everything you need to know to make informed decisions. To get started…

Create your online account or access through the MyIH app.

On Your Dashboard: Look for and click the “Compare Costs” tile.


Compare Costs

Find money-saving options on prescriptions and medical services or procedures.

Compare Costs


This unique tool is here to help provide our members with greater control over their health care spending:

Real-time cost estimates based on personalized pricing and covered options specific to the member’s health plan.

Review treatment timelines, from evaluation through recovery, to understand the total scope of care — in dollars and time involved.

View average costs per procedure/location.

Provider search with comprehensive profiles, quality ratings and filters to hone findings by location, category, facility type and more.

Save favorite providers, select a PCP and more.

Find More Ways to Save on Your Health Care

At Independent Health, we want to help you make more informed decisions by understanding your plan benefits and health care options, so that you can save money and time.