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Medicare Health Hub

Helping you get and stay healthy!

Welcome to the Medicare Health Hub!

Join us for FREE classes and activities available exclusively for our Medicare members! We’re always looking for more ways to help our members get and stay healthy. That's why we're excited to be back at our Health Hub offering health and wellness education and activities to provide the tools and information needed to achieve better health. There’s something for everyone – from in-person classes and activities at our Cheektowaga/Depew Medicare Information Center to virtual classes right here on our website.

A variety of topics and resources are available including exercise, healthy eating, digital literacy and how to use and get the most out of your plan benefits.

We’re adding more programs all the time, so check back often for the most up-to-date schedule.

Please note that registration is recommended but not required.

620 Dick Road, Depew, NY 14043
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Open year-round.

Join a Health Hub class and become eligible for a $100 Tops Gift Card in 2024!

Participate in a live, in-person (or virtual) class at our Medicare Health Hub and watch a healthy video below (anytime from January 1 – September 30, 2024), and you will automatically receive a free, Independent Health giveaway item as well as an entry into our Health Hub drawing for a $100 Tops Gift Card.*

 *No obligation to enroll. Limit one entry per person. See official contest rules for more details. 

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Workout from Home with Healthy Videos

Daily exercise is an important part of overall health which is why our Corporate Wellness team produced a series of instructional videos that make it easy and fun for you to engage from the comfort of your home.

Watch one of the healthy videos below and participate in a live, in-person (or virtual) class at our Health Hub to be entered into the giveaway!

8 min brain break

Take a few minutes and give your brain a break! Stand up from your desk and get a full body workout in minutes with no equipment needed (maybe a mat or towel for the floor).

Low Back Health Series - Video 1

A surprising way to help build strength to support our low back is by activating our gluteus muscles.  How do you know if you have good glute strength? Perform the assessment in this video, then continue on to learn how to increase your strength even more.

Mobility, Strength & Stretch

Join the wellness team and a special guest as they introduce ways to keep your body mobile, strong & stretched, using 6 movements.  No equipment needed.

Back Stretch & Meditation

Join us as we stretch the muscles of our back and wind down with a short meditation. You don’t need anything but a mat and a positive attitude.

Cardio Pyramid Challenge

Challenge yourself with this cardio crusher. 3 exercises ONLY, but you are going to work in a pyramid working your way up to 1 MINUTE OF WORK! Then making your way back down. Get ready to SWEAT!

Beginner Resistance Band workout

Grab your resistance band (& maybe a chair) and get ready to wake up those muscles of the back, shoulders and hamstrings during this session!

Indoor Walking Workout

Need some extra steps in your day? This low impact session is just the thing for you!  Perfect as a beginner workout or a quick warm up routine!

20-20-20 Cardio Intervals

Working in 20 second intervals, challenge yourself on 3 different levels to get your heart rate up and have fun.  No equipment needed

Countdown Core

Grab one medium weight and a fitness mat to complete this core strengthening workout.  Perfect for all levels!  Start with 10 reps of 4 exercises, then repeat with 8, 6 & 4.

Chair Stretch & Mindset Reset

Join in a 10 min session to loosen up your tight back & hips and uplift your spirit with some positive thinking & gratefulness.

Take your Workout to the Park!

Looking for a way to sneak some strength training in? While you're out for your next walk, find a park bench and try out these exercises!

Seated Intervals

Working with your body weight and a chair, you'll increase your flexibility, strength & heart rate with this seated routine.


We want to help you feel confident when visiting your doctor using your computer, smartphone or tablet which is why we offer digital literacy classes each month at our Health Hub. If you’re interested in telehealth visits, take the short, interactive quiz below to see how comfortable you feel with scheduling and completing online visits. The quiz is for everyone - whether you're already comfortable with technology or just starting to explore digital health care.

Last Updated 1/2/2024