Vaccination Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to get vaccinated. And, people who are fully vaccinated should get booster shots as they become eligible for them.

Stay up-to-date on who should get a COVID-19 vaccine, who should get extra doses or booster shots and when they are eligible by visiting the CDC website.

Vaccinations and Boosters: Covered in Full

  • The vaccines, including booster shots, are covered with no cost share.
  • You may get a flu vaccine at the same time you get your COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot. Each shot is given at a different place on the body. Read more here about COVID-19 and flu shots.
  • If you have Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, you may have to give your Medicare number from your red, white and blue Medicare card. This is different than your Independent Health ID number.

Where to get vaccinated and booster shots:

There are different locations where you can get your vaccinations and boosters. You may need to schedule an appointment. For information on where to schedule an appointment:

Be sure to take your insurance card, Medicare card, and your vaccination card when you go for your booster shot.

Unable to leave your home? In-Home Vaccinations are available

New York State, in partnership with counties, has posted information on how to get an at-home vaccine for people who are not able to leave their homes for different reasons to get vaccinated. To learn more about getting vaccinated in your home, view the In-Home Vaccination information by New York State.

Vaccination Facts

  • Millions of people have received the COVID-19 vaccines safely. The safety of every vaccine used is being watched. For the most up-to-date safety information about the vaccine, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.
  • In the video to the right, doctors, nurses and researchers address common questions and misperceptions about the COVID vaccines.

Questions or concerns about getting the COVID-19 vaccines?

We know that some people may have questions or concerns about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Below we have posted facts and answers to some of the common questions and opinions have. 

Yes, the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are safe and effective. 

Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is a better way to protect against COVID-19 than getting sick with COVID-19. 

Getting sick with COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death, and we do not know who will have mild or severe illness.  

The vaccine is very important for people with other health problems like heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and obesity, who are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19.

If you are vaccinated and get COVID-19, your illness might not be as bad.  

The COVID-19 vaccines are new, but scientists have been working on the process for many years. 

Although the vaccine was ready fairly quickly, shortcuts were not taken.  The FDA monitors safety of all vaccines given. 

No. The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19.  It teaches our bodies how to fight the virus that causes COVID-19.

Some people might get a fever or feel ill for a day or so, but that is normal. 

Yes. Even if you already had COVID-19, a COVID-19 vaccine protects you even more. 

COVID-19 vaccination also helps reduce the spread of the virus and helps prevent new types of COVID-19 from happening.

No. Studies show that the COVID-19 vaccines do not cause problems getting pregnant.

The vaccine has been tested on a wide range of people, including people of color and people of different ethnic backgrounds. These clinical trials have shown that the vaccinations are safe and effective. 

Yes. You can safely get both shots at the same time. 

Both the vaccines and booster shots are FREE.