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May 29, 2020

Covering All Costs for COVID-19 Treatment

Independent Health to Continue Covering All Costs for COVID-19 treatment

Buffalo, N.Y. - Independent Health announced today that it will continue to waive copayments or cost-sharing for COVID-19 medical treatment for its fully insured employer groups, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and individual plan members until further notice. Early last month the company announced it would cover COVID-19 treatment with no member liability through May 31, 2020, which it now extended due to the continued prevalence of the virus.

“Independent Health continues to monitor the region’s progress toward reopening and although the number of COVID-19 cases are trending down, there is still a concerning number of cases being detected. So, until further notice, we will continue to waive member copays or cost-sharing for care received as part of a COVID-19 treatment plan,” said Michael W. Cropp, M.D., president and CEO for Independent Health. “When our community faces a challenge, we come together like no other and at Independent Health helping our members through difficult times has always been part of the RedShirt Treatment. What’s happening now with the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.”

Independent Health wants to ensure its members continue to receive their needed preventive services and medical care, so the company will continue to cover in-network telehealth/telemedicine services, whether or not COVID-19 related, at $0 copay or cost-sharing for these services as well.

“Whether an in-office visit or virtual-visit, it is important for our members to continue to access the preventive care they need from their primary care provider,” said Dr. Cropp.

It’s so important for everyone to have a primary care physician. For its members who do not have a primary care physician, Independent Health has partnered with General Physician PC and other primary care practices to connect these members with a doctor right away, added Dr. Cropp.

Independent Health members in need of a primary care physician should call the company’s member services department, the number is located on the back of their ID Card.

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