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James A. Dunlop, Jr.

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, James A. Dunlop, Jr. is responsible for the financial budgets and operations of Independent Health, including the development of the financial and operational strategy, the company’s financial assets and reporting the financial results of Independent Health and its affiliate companies.

Dunlop’s experience includes more than 25 years in the health care financial field. Dunlop previously worked within the Catholic Health system in Buffalo, N.Y., and was formerly its chief financial officer. He has extensive financial knowledge and experience in the local and national health care industry. Dunlop also possesses the necessary fiscal, investment, and risk-based reimbursement skills to advance Independent Health’s position as one of the strongest companies in the region.

Dunlop holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester and earned an MBA in Accounting and Health Care Management from the State University of New York at Buffalo.