Simple Ways To Save & Manage Your Health Care Costs
At Independent Health, we want you to understand your plan benefits along with the options available to make informed decisions and save you money.

Know Your Benefits & Find Savings

Familiarize yourself with the health care services covered under your plan and their costs – including your FREE Annual Wellness Visit and other $0 preventive services to help you live a healthy life.

Partner With Your Doctor

Your primary care physician is your best partner in managing and coordinating your care, and an important resource for managing your health care costs.
Schedule your FREE Annual Wellness Visit with your doctor.
Let them know if you're in a deductible plan.
Ask about lower cost options that are appropriate for you.
If you don't already have a primary care physician, use your online account to find a physician that participates with your specific plan. Choose a Doctor »

Understand Your Options To Save Time & Money

When you can’t reach your primary care physician, it’s a comfort to know you have options that allow you to seek the appropriate health care you need while also managing your out-of-pocket costs.
24-Hour Medical Help Line
Telemedicine Benefit
Urgent Care
Emergency Room

Compare the Cost of Medical Services

When you need a routine health care service, like a chest X-ray or MRI, you may have options that could save you money.
Freestanding Facility
A place that provides outpatient services and that is not affiliated with or part of a hospital.
A place that provides inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical care.
We offer a number of freestanding facilities in our network to provide you with choice and flexibility – and the ability to save you money.

Manage Your Prescription Costs

There are many options for you to consider which can help you save on prescription costs. Talk with your primary care physician about the following options, and which make the most sense for you.
Switch to a Generic Drug
Generic drugs are often equally as effective as a brand name drug and are less expensive.
Generic Equivalents contain the same active ingredients as the brand name drug.

Generic Alternatives do not use the same active ingredients as the brand name drugs but do treat the same conditions and are approved by the FDA for the same use as the brand name drug.
Below is a list of example savings when switching to generic drugs. Speak with your doctor to see if there are generics that are right for you.
Drug costs may change daily and estimates shown are for informational purposes only. Speak with a pharmacist for specific costs that apply to you.
90-Day Scripts
Compare Drug Costs

Make Sure Your Doctor Participates With Us

Independent Health has negotiated special rates with high quality physicians, hospitals, and labs in Western New York which means you will pay less by using these "in-network" providers. Receiving care from in-network providers will help you avoid surprise "out-of-network" charges or having to pay in full because they do not accept Independent Health plans.
In addition to paying your plan deductible (if applicable), you will also be responsible for any additional copayment and/or coinsurance, as well as balance billing if you receive medical care from a non-participating provider.

You Deserve the RedShirt Treatment®

Getting the answers you need when you need them, along with the tools you need to manage your plan, are just some of the ways we deliver the RedShirt Treatment. You can conveniently access your plan benefits, ID card, claims and more through your online account.
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