$0 Preventive Services

$0 Preventive Services Note: The preventive services information listed below does not apply to Medicare. If you are a Medicare Advantage plan member, you can access the list of $0 preventive services associated with your plan.

If you are a member of a self-funded plan, please check your plan documents for details on preventive services available at $0 cost.

At Independent Health, we want you to Know Your Zero SM - so you’re aware of all the $0 preventive services we offer to keep you healthy. In fact, preventive services are even excluded from deductibles, so those enrolled in a deductible plan can enjoy $0 preventive services right from the start!

Check out the list of more than 60 preventive services available to our members:
Top 10 List of FREE Preventive Services
  • Annual Routine Checkup*
  • Cholesterol Screening
  • Colonoscopy Screening
  • Diabetes Screening
  • High Blood Pressure Screening
  • Mammography Screening
  • Pap Smear Collection and Preparation
  • Vaccinations
  • Well-Child Visit*
  • Well-Woman Visit*

Additional FREE Preventive Services

  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
  • Alcohol Misuse Screening and Behavioral Counseling Intervention
  • Aspirin Therapy Discussion for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Aspirin Therapy for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Screening in Pregnant Women
  • Bone Density (Osteoporosis Screening)
  • Breast and Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility, Genetic Testing**
  • Breast Cancer Preventive Medications
  • Breast Feeding – Primary Care Intervention to Promote Breast Feeding
  • Breast Feeding Supplies
  • Breast Feeding Support and Counseling
  • Bright Futures
  • Chlamydia Screening
  • Colonoscopy Pre-operative Visits
  • Colonoscopy Preparation with Prescription
  • Congenital Hypothyroidism Screening
  • Contraceptive Methods and Counseling
  • Dental Caries in Preschool Children, Treatment - Fluoride
  • Depression Screening (Adults)
  • Depression Screening (Maternal)
  • Fall Prevention in Older Adults (Exercise or Physical Therapy) 
  • Folic Acid – Daily Supplement for Women During Pregnancy
  • General Health Panel with Basic Metabolic Panel
  • Gonorrhea – Prophylactic Medication for Newborns
  • Gonorrhea Screening
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Healthy Diet Counseling
  • Hearing Loss Screening for Newborns
  • Hepatitis B Virus Infection, Screening
  • Hepatitis C Screening
  • HIV Counseling
  • HIV Screening
  • HPV Screening
  • Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease
  • Interpersonal and Domestic Counseling
  • Interpersonal and Domestic Violence Screening
  • Iron Deficiency in Pregnant Women Testing
  • Iron Supplementation for Iron Deficiency in Pregnant Women
  • Iron Supplementation in Children 6–12 months
  • Lead Screening
  • Lipid Screening (Cardiovascular Screening)
  • Lung Screening – Low Dose CT
  • Major Depressive Disorder Screening for Children and Adolescents
  • Obesity Screening - Adults and Children
  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Over-the-counter Contraceptive Drugs and Devices
  • Pediatric Health Care – “Bright Futures”
  • Perinatal Depression – Counseling and Intervention
  • Phenylketonuria Screening (Children)
  • Prenatal Visit* and One (1) Post-Partum Visit*
  • Preventive Laboratory Services
  • Prostate Screening
  • RH (D) Incompatibility Screening in Pregnant Women
  • Screening for Urinary Incontinence
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections Counseling
  • Sickle Cell Disease Screening
  • Skin Cancer Behavioral Counseling
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling
  • Smoking Cessation Intervention Pharmacotherapy
  • Statin Preventive Medication: Adults Ages 40-75 Years with No History of CVD, One or More CVD Risk Factors, and a Calculated 10-year CVD Event Risk of 10% or Greater. 
  • Syphilis Screening
  • Visual Impairment Screening (for children younger than 5 years old)

These services are covered in full when rendered by an in-network/participating provider. Some preventive services need to meet specific criteria. Please call Member Services at (716) 631-8701 or 1-800-501-3439 for clarification of coverage.

Please keep in mind, a routine checkup (well visit) or preventive service can sometimes turn into a “sick visit,” in which you will be responsible for paying an office visit copay or, if enrolled in a deductible plan, all charges until your deductible level is met. There may be other services performed in conjunction with the above preventive care services, which are subject to any applicable liability as described in your contract.

* Does not include procedures, injections, diagnostic services, laboratory and X-ray services, or any other services not billed as an Evaluations and Management (E&M) code.

** Please note: BRCA mutation screening requires prior authorization to review for medical necessity based on product. Reference the following policy for additional information: Breast Cancer Susceptibility 1 and 2 (BRCA ½) Sequence Testing for Susceptibility to Hereditary Breast Cancer and BRACA Analysis® Rearrangement Test (BART).

Preventive Care Services are: Items or services with an “A” or “B” rating from the United States Preventive Services Task Force; immunizations pursuant to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (“ACIP”) recommendations; and preventive care and screenings that are provided for in the comprehensive guidelines supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (“HRSA”).

Verbal translation, alternate formats of written materials, and/or assistance for those with special needs, may be available upon request. Traducción verbal, formatos alternativos de materiales escritos y/o asistencia para quienes tienen necesidades especiales, disponibles a solicitud.