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Find Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Urgent Care locations and other providers participating in Independent Health's network. Simply enter your search term(s) and click "Search". On the results page, select filters to the left to find the right provider for you!

Each Independent Health plan uses a specific network of providers, and that same network is used regardless of whether the plan is purchased through the New York State of Health Marketplace or directly through Independent Health.

Independent Health does not use quality measures, member experience measures or cost-related measures to select practitioners for its network.

Searching for Another Provider Network?

If you are looking for a provider or facility but are not part of the Independent Health network or are outside of the Western New York area, please use the links below. You can verify which network your plan has access to by matching the logo found on your health insurance card to the list of networks found below.

If you are looking for a provider or facility outside of Western New York, you will increase your opportunity for savings on services by visiting a participating hospital or physician in this network. It is your responsibility to confirm participation in the network by contacting the provider before seeking services.

First Health Multiplan PHCS Nova Healthcare Administrators
Delta Dental

Medicare Advantage Members