COVID-19 Coronavirus Update
Independent Health’s top priority is to protect the health and well-being of all our members and the safety of our employees and their families.
Last Updated 7/10/20

Independent Health: Here for Our Members

Helping you through difficult times has always been an important part of the RedShirt Treatment. What’s happening now with the Coronavirus Pandemic is no exception. As the situation continues to evolve, we will update this page regularly as new information becomes available.

Watch Dr. Fauci’s video on how to stay healthy from the Daily show.

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Stay Up-to-Date

Because this is a rapidly evolving issue, please check the following sources regularly:

Common Questions

With the uncertainty everyone is facing, we know our members have many questions. We want you to rest assured that Independent Health’s coverage will be there for you when you need it.

Yes, we will provide access to members with pharmacy benefits who need their medications, including medication alternatives and early refills. Members can contact their pharmacy directly for assistance.

Some local pharmacies offer prescription delivery. We encourage you to contact your preferred pharmacy to see if home delivery is available. We currently offer mail-order for maintenance medications through ProAct and Wegmans Mail Order Pharmacy Services. If you are interested in learning more or registering for mail-order service, you can view details here.

We are prepared to continue to provide access to members with pharmacy benefits who need their medications, including medication alternatives, in the event of a medication shortage.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, call your primary care physician (PCP). Make sure you tell your PCP if you have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19. If you do not have a PCP and are thinking of going straight to a facility or hospital for care, we encourage you to call ahead and discuss your concerns with their staff first.

We understand this is a very difficult and uncertain time for all of us. If you are currently facing financial challenges, we will not terminate your coverage at this time. Contact us to work with you to develop a plan to help you pay your premiums so that your coverage will remain uninterrupted.

Independent Health does not have face masks available for our members. There are many online retailers selling these, however, the CDC website has information on how to make your own.

Yes, as long as your plan* includes this benefit. At this time, the meal vendor will have the option of providing you with in-home delivery or the frozen meal option only. When the meal vendor contacts you to confirm and schedule your delivery of the meals, they will provide you with the method in which the meals will be delivered. If you select "in-home delivery" but it is not possible, you will be notified that your only option is frozen delivery. Your meals will then be delivered to you together and arrive in one delivery by a postal carrier.

*Benefit included as part of Independent Health’s Medicare Basic and Assure Advantage plans.

No, unfortunately we cannot cover these items for you.

In keeping with our top priority to help protect the health and well-being of our members, Independent Health’s Medicare information Centers will be temporarily Closed starting Monday, March 16. Our Servicing Center is closed to the public, but our RedShirts are available at (716) 635-4900 or 1-800-958-4405 (TTY:711), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Wellness Resources

We know that things are challenging and uncertain with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Independent Health has identified some resources that may be helpful to you as you navigate this new normal.

Stay Informed

We encourage all members to create their own Independent Health member accounts in order to review their benefits and have access to key details related to their plan.