Keep Doing What You Love

If knee or hip pain is beginning to interfere with the things you love doing – like playing with the grandkids, golfing or even going for a walk, it's time to talk with your doctor.

Make an Informed Choice

Whether you're considering knee or hip replacement or exploring options that can be less invasive, it's important to plan ahead and be prepared. With the help of your doctor, take steps to better understand all of your choices. Start by asking the following questions to find the right approach for your unique situation:

Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options

  • Are there any options that could achieve similar results without major surgery – such as physical therapy, hydrotherapy and/or weight loss?
  • What additional tests can provide you with more information on which to base your decision?
  • Do you completely understand the procedures?
    • Read the materials provided by your doctor and do your own online research
    • Know all the pros and cons associated with having a procedure or not having a procedure
  • Do you have any further questions? Write them down and follow-up with your doctor
If You Need Surgery

If You Need Surgery

  • Where would the surgery take place – outpatient vs. inpatient hospital?
  • What can you do to prepare your body for surgery to maximize your outcome?
    • Discuss a doctor-recommended weight goal
    • Seek occupational or physical therapy, if needed
    • Quit smoking
  • Are there any necessary pre-treatment preparations?
Your Road to Recovery

Your Road to Recovery

  • Where will rehab/physical therapy take place – skilled nursing facility vs. in-home vs. ambulatory care facility? Understand the advantages of each.
  • What are the recovery time expectations?
  • Do you have written post-surgery instructions and understand any precautions around exercise and activity once discharged?
  • Can you ask for the assistance and support of family and/or friends to aid your recovery?

Still Have Questions?

Our Decision Points tools through Healthwise* combine medical information with your personal values to help you determine whether surgery is the right option. Use these tools as a guide for conversations with your doctor:

Photograph of patient talking to doctor

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Total Knee Replacement Surgery

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Other Surgeries

Interested in learning about other surgeries, such as laser eye or cataract surgery, tonsillitis, or surgery for a meniscus tear? Find more information here.

*Healthwise Decision Points tools are not a replacement for a conversation with your doctor. All medical advice should be reviewed with a professional.