Policies  Guidelines

Radiology Programs

National Imaging Associates (NIA) Administered Programs

Independent Health has teamed up with National Imaging Associates (NIA) to administer radiology pre-authorization for advanced radiology.

Advanced Radiology

This program is a radiology and imaging benefit management program for non-emergent, advanced, outpatient radiology services designed to ensure clinically appropriate care.


RadMD.com may be utilized to request authorization for National Imaging Associates and Advanced Radiology.


Behavioral Health for State Products

Since 2013, Independent Health has been working with Beacon Health Options to better address the behavioral health needs of members enrolled in our state programs (MediSource, Child Health Plus and Essential Plan).


Specialty Medication Authorizations

Magellan Rx, administered by Magellan Rx Management, reviews and approves prior authorization requests for select specialty drugs that fall under the medical benefit and select oncology drugs that fall under the pharmacy benefit.