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Case Management

Independent Health has a team of dedicated case managers available to assist you and your patients during an acute health crisis or when transitioning from one care setting to another.

Under the guidance of Independent Health medical directors, our case management team consists of nurses, physical therapists, social workers, behavioral health specialists, a certified diabetes educator and a respiratory therapist. Our board-certified medical directors are available to collaborate with you on your most complex patients.

Especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, our dedicated case management team is an important resource and connection to our most fragile members. They offer support, guidance, and access to Independent Health and community resources. Many times, they provide the human connection that many of our medically compromised members need.


Case Management Activities

Our case managers are available for all Independent Health members at no additional cost to help with:

  • Health condition education, including for medications, nutrition and symptom control
  • Linkages to community or caregiver resources, transportation and government programs
  • Obtaining and adhering to medications
  • Engaging services when having difficulty with self-management and/or lack of support at home
  • Ensuring member transitions from one setting to another (i.e. hospital to home) are as smooth as possible
  • Promoting self-management wherever possible


Additional Support during COVID-19

During this pandemic, our Case Managers can help our members with:

  • Clarifying COVID 19 symptoms and guidance using up-to-date information from CDC
  • Addressing expectant mothers’ concerns about remaining healthy and safe while pregnant, discussing virus transmission, visiting guidelines in hospitals, etc.
  • Providing information about food acquisition, fears regarding food preparation
  • Mental health concerns (fear, loneliness, social isolation), linkages to resources and follow-up calls
  • Answering members’ questions about the need for in-office appointments, helping with telehealth
  • Secure necessary DME when vendors are closed or difficult to reach
  • Addressing post-discharge issues, connecting with discharge planners, clarifying discharge instructions, etc
  • Helping to intercede to provide alternatives care to the emergency room when members are concerned about the safety of ER visits
  • Assisting with medication and prescription issues


Contact Case Management

A physician practice or other health care provider can make a referral directly to Case Management by calling (716) 635-7822 or faxing to (716) 250-7140. When calling, please provide the patient’s name and date of birth.