Community All-Stars

For the 15th consecutive year, Independent Health and Business First have teamed up to offer a program that identifies and honors our Community All-Stars, a group of extraordinary Western New York high school seniors who have shown a commitment to positively impacting the lives of those in their school or community.

All-Stars are nominated in three categories:

  • Community All-Stars
  • Wellness All-Stars
  • Diversity & Inclusion All-Stars

These students demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Be of good character.
  • Have made a difference in their community through their community service.
  • Embrace the diversity of students throughout their school.
  • Be friendly and open to all.

Congratulations to our 2022 Student All-Stars!

They took action…
to positively impact classmates and members of the community who needed ways to live healthier.

They demonstrated leadership…
to help others engage in wellness activities throughout their school or community.

They stood up…
to racial bias and inequity to help make this the inclusive community we all deserve.

Celebrating Nearly 200 Students Who Answered the Question,
“If Not Me, Who?”

View our 2022 All-Stars:

In celebration of their leadership and efforts to better our community, each nominated student will receive a special award plaque and be showcased in a Business First newspaper section published in May.

In addition, we are proud to announce our $2,500 Scholarship Winners for each of the three categories:

2022 Scholarship Winners

Community All-Star
Congratulations Alyssa Kornacki from Lancaster, NY for being selected as the 2022 Community All-Star scholarship recipient.

Alyssa, a soon-to-be graduate of Lancaster Central High School, was chosen based upon ways she made a positive difference in the lives of the people in her school and community. Read more

Wellness All-Star
Congratulations Nathan Rhoads from Youngstown, NY for being selected as the 2022 Wellness All-Star scholarship recipient.

Nathan will soon graduate from Lewiston-Porter Senior High School. He was chosen based upon ways he went above and beyond demonstrating an active leadership in engaging and encouraging health, wellness and healthier living in his school and community. Read more

Diversity & Inclusion All-Star
Congratulations Amaya Sonubi from Buffalo, NY for being selected as the 2022 Diversity & Inclusion All-Star scholarship recipient.

Amaya, a soon-to-be graduate of City Honors School, was chosen based upon ways she advocated for those facing racism, bias and inequality and helped to bridge the social divide within her school and community. Read more