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Small Group Medical

Independent Health has lowered our premiums for 2016 for our small group plans, while offering a wide range of plan options and benefits. At Independent Health, we’re more than just a health plan – we're a team of RedShirtsSM focused on helping our members get healthy and stay healthy, ensuring they get the most from their health care dollar. From our innovative plan designs to a variety of unique benefits, tools and resources, Independent Health offers your clients the highest-quality health plan in Western New York for a low cost. So before you make any decisions, please take a minute to review the plans below.

To help your clients find the plan design that’s right for them, choose the scenario that best describes their needs:

They're looking to provide their employees with a set of rich benefits and a plan that’s simple to administer. They understand the premium is higher, but it’s worth giving their employees a copay plan that’s easy to use.

Learn more about our platinum plans.

They want comprehensive coverage with lower premiums while taking the first step toward getting their employees more engaged in their health care decisions. They can do this by introducing a low deductible for employees to meet before a traditional health plan takes over with copays and/or coinsurance, protecting them from serious health care related expenses.

Learn more about our gold plans.

They’re looking to provide their employees with quality health benefits. While their premium will be lower, there are additional deductibles and increased out-of-pocket costs associated with some benefits. The good news is most of these plans can be combined with a tax-savings program, such as a health savings account (HSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), to help their employees build savings for future medical needs.

Learn more about our silver plans.

They want quality health benefits at the lowest premium cost, and they understand this might require greater out-of-pocket cost share from their employees. These plans are high-deductible designs that will help their employees become more engaged in their health and the health care decisions they make. They, too, may provide the opportunity their employees to save for their long-term health care needs with an HSA or HRA.

Learn more about our bronze plans.


For more information, or to see what plan is best for your client, call your sales representative or Employer Sales at 716-631-8072 or 1-800-755-5802, option 4.