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Compare Lifestyle Plans

Plan Benefits
FlexFit and FlexFit Select (A=Active, F=Family)
Evolve (HSA qualified and non-HSA qualified options available)

Primary Care Office Visit

A: Adult: $10
Child: $25
F: Adult: $15
Child: $0


FlexFit Select

A: Adult: $15
Child: $45
F: Adult: $25
Child: $0

Deductible, then $30

Specialist Office Visit

FlexFit: $25
FlexFit Select: $45

Deductible, then $50

(per admission)

A: $750
F: Adult: $750
Child: $0

Deductible, then coinsurance capped at $1,000 per event

Outpatient Surgery

FlexFit A:$150 F:$125
FlexFit Select $200

Deductible, then coinsurance

Out-of-Pocket Maximum


(varies by plan)



combined in and out of network
(other options available)





$250 benefit card to use for approved health and wellness expenses.

FitWorksSM Reward Program (an Gift Card* claim code valued at $250 per subscriber and up to $250 per covered spouse) for participating in health and wellness challenges, completing preventive screenings, etc.

Benefits vary by plan.

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