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Worksite Wellness

At Independent Health, we know that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Implementing a worksite wellness program will:

  • Improve overall health
  • Reduce medical costs
  • Improve productivity

Worksite Wellness programs that work for your clients

We will work with you and your clients to design a worksite wellness program that fits their unique needs, culture and demographics.

We offer three levels to meet employers' unique needs:

Level One: Getting Informed

Included in all of our health plans, Level One provides the core set of tools and resources your clients and their employees need to take the first step toward gaining a better understanding of the factors that impact their health. Included is a Worksite Wellness Guide, which provides helpful tips and resources to help them implement their wellness programs.

Level Two: Taking Action

With Level Two, you’ll go beyond the basics. This level includes a consultation with a corporate worksite wellness specialist, who will help your client customize offerings, such as weight loss programs and wellness presentations, to increase their employees' engagement in their health. (This program may require an additional fee.)

Level Three: Driving Outcomes

The third level of our Worksite Wellness programs is the most comprehensive. In addition to the services offered in Level One and Two, this level provides your clients with a dedicated corporate wellness specialist, who customizes a wellness plan for the entire year and provides ongoing leadership and support. Level Three is focused on driving results, which means your clients will receive a full reporting suite to monitor program outcomes to realize the true impact of their Worksite Wellness efforts. (This program may require an additional fee.)


For more information, or to see what plan is best for your client, call your sales representative or Employer Sales at 716-631-8072 or 1-800-755-5802, option 4.

Compare our three levels of Worksite Wellness.