Independent Health’s REVEAL provides you with immediate access to the following:

  • Current status on all existing voucher information.
  • PCP roster reports with new, current, and removed patients.
  • Community fee schedules

REVEAL’s Web-based viewer displays PDF files in their original, graphically-rich format, or in text format. You can toggle between views depending on your preference. This versatility also allows you to search, download and print a PDF report or voucher in the format you desire. A REVEAL tip sheet is available here.

Please note: You will need the following software in order to download or save your voucher. 

Need your REVEAL username and password?

Please call Independent Health's e-Commerce Department at (716) 635-3911, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In order to fulfill your request, you will be required to complete the following: 

If you already have a REVEAL username and password, please make sure that you do not share this information with anyone else. Also, please notify Independent Health of any change to your account information.

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