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Our Approach


What has driven us from the beginning still drives us today: our mission to provide access to quality coverage at an affordable cost while enhancing the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

Today, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a framework for health reform, but we believe the most sustainable solutions will take place at the local level. We believe efforts to increase access to coverage, improve quality of care and reduce the medical cost trend should focus on five key actions:

Our Approach

  • 1

    Promote prevention and wellness

    • Improve population’s health and wellness
    • Encourage greater personal responsibility
    • Better manage chronic disease
    • Engage employers to make access to health services more convenient for their employees
  • 2

    Revitalize and grow primary care

    • Primary care physicians can significantly change the way care is delivered, resulting in:
      • Better coordination with specialists and other providers
      • Improved quality and lower costs
  • 3

    Implement payment reform

    • Reward quality outcomes rather than volume
    • Encourage patient-centered medical care
    • Adhere to evidence-based medicine
  • 4

    Achieve greater alignment of the health system

    • Eliminate medical care that is redundant or adds no value
    • Implement proven clinical strategies
    • Reduce variations in care
    • Prevent and manage chronic disease, which helps keep people out of the hospital in the first place
  • 5

    Enhance health information

    • Accelerate use of health information technology
    • Adopt electronic medical records

We believe that to achieve these actions it will take a collective responsibility requiring community ownership, wide-ranging partnerships and renewed collaboration between the private and public sectors. It will also take an overall change in the way individuals think about their health – transitioning them from a reactive approach to a proactive approach – and providing them with the guidance and support needed to be more engaged.

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