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Helping employees stay healthly.
Helping you manage your costs.

Helping employees stay healthly.
Helping you manage your costs.

Portrait of a group of woman taking part in a fitness event to raise awareness for breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness

See why mammograms are an important tool in detecting breast cancer early when it’s most treatable, and help employees understand what to expect during this special X-ray.

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October Wellness Tip

Help your employees lower their risk for developing breast cancer through healthy lifestyle methods and understanding important risk factors.

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Mental Health Telemedicine Support

When employees can’t reach their doctor, Teladoc provides 24/7 access to doctors, therapists or medical experts for a variety of health issues.

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September Wellness Tip

Help employees thrive by setting small, weekly goals and finding ways to improve their health and happiness.

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Fitness in the Parks

We’re back for our 10th season of FREE outdoor exercise classes in parks across WNY and online, with yoga, fusion, Pilates and more!

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August Wellness Tip

Help your employees protect their skin when enjoying the great outdoors, with safety tips for sun, insects, and poisonous plants.

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Bringing Healthy To You

Check out all the fun and healthy activities we’re bringing to your employees and our community this summer.

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July Wellness Tip

Help your employees enjoy the many health benefits of outdoor physical activity during July’s National Park and Recreation Month.

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Stretches for Back Pain

Here are 14 movements and exercises your employees can do anywhere as part of their daily routine to prevent and relieve low back pain.

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June Wellness Tip

Strength training is a powerful way for your employees to increase dexterity, mobility and overall daily function. Learn why it matters and some tips for training without expensive equipment.

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App Health Coaching

Bring the help and support your employees need to get and stay healthy right to their smartphones with the Brook Health Companion app.

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May Wellness Tip

Help employees learn the many health benefits of a wide spectrum of different-colored fruits and vegetables, from their garden to the supermarket.

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Wellness Discounts

When your employees show their member ID card, they have access to discounts on a wide range of ways to get and stay healthy.

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April Wellness Tip

Help employees learn the importance of a health care proxy to ensure their wishes for end-of-life care are expressed and respected, with less stress for their family.

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$0 Preventive Care

Staying up to date with preventive care is key to helping your employees maintain and improve their health. Here’s the list of all their FREE screenings and services.

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March Wellness Tip

Knowing the risk factors, symptoms and importance of preventive screenings can help your employees detect, and even prevent colorectal cancer.

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Virtual Health Hub

Free Zoom classes and programs to help employees stay active and informed from the comfort of their own home, smartphone or computer.

February Wellness Tip

Help your employees make a gratitude adjustment for the betterment of their heart health by sharing more smiles and giving thanks.

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Treatment Cost Advisor

When your employees log in to their online account, they have easy access to a tool that helps them estimate cost for medical services and view average costs in the market.

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January Wellness Tip

Help your employees start off the new year with tips to clear the clutter from their homes and workspaces.

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