Wellness Information

Helping employees stay healthy.
Helping you manage your costs.

Helping employees stay healthy.
Helping you manage your costs.

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Fitness in the Parks

Employees can enjoy FREE outdoor exercise classes in the parks across Western New York.

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August Wellness Tip

Help employees complete their summer bucket list without adding too much stress and anxiety into their lives.

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Bringing Healthy to You

Through our local partnerships, employees can take advantage of summer events promoting fitness, outdoor activity and overall healthy living.

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July Wellness Tip

Help employees learn the connection between physical and mental health and how it is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Strength Exercises for the Back

Simple warmups and strength exercises employees can do from anywhere to increase strength and mobility in the lower back.

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June Wellness Tip

Help employees maintain and improve their back health by understanding the importance of building strength.

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Stress Relief and the Vagus Nerve

Employees can learn simple breathing and stretching techniques to activate the vagus nerve, one of the body’s natural relaxation triggers.

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May Wellness Tip

Help employees learn why breaking a sweat through exercise is a scientifically-proven mood booster, as good for the mind as it is the body.

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Member Wellness Discounts

Check out all the new and ongoing wellness discounts your employees can take advantage of just by showing their member ID card.

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April Wellness Tip

Minor lifestyles changes employees can try for the chance at major improvements in their gut health.

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Brook Health Companion App

Help your employees get and stay healthy with the app that offers personalized goal setting, tracking and expert support.

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March Wellness Tip

Simple swaps to replace foods and drinks offering minimal nutritional value with those that are good for your employees’ hearts, bodies and minds.

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Try Our Health Hub

It’s online, free and full of a rotating schedule of wellness classes and videos your employees can access anytime, anywhere!

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February Wellness Tip

Help your employees get their fitness routines back on track with some tips to overcome their frustration and increase their motivation.

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Serving up a Power Lunch

Help employees understand the smart choices to make when building a healthy, balanced lunch that will have them eating and feeling their best.

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January Wellness Tip

See how whole foods can help boost your employees’ immune systems, reduce their risk for disease and put them in a better mood.

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