Assure Advantage (HMO-SNP) Model of Care Provider Annual Training

Independent Health is committed to ensuring its provider network meets all regulatory requirements set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as mandated by 42 CFR§422.101(f)(2)(ii).

CMS requires that all providers who see Medicare members, in the Independent Health’s Assure Advantage (HMO-SNP), on a routine basis participate in annual training.

Who must complete the training?

Independent Health requests that all participating providers who see patients with Independent Health’s Assure Advantage (HMO-SNP) on a routine basis complete the Annual C-SNP Model of Care Training, and then submit electronic attestation confirming completion of this CMS required training.

Any new participating provider who joins in the future and sees, on a routine basis, Medicare members will also be required to complete the annual C-SNP MOC training.

How does your practice complete this training?

Complete the 2021 Annual C-SNP Model of Care Training online.

This training may be taken individually or as a group within the practice (under the same Tax Identification Number (TIN)).

Attesting to the completion of this training with Independent Health

Upon completing the training, Independent Health requires submitting a C-SNP Model of Care Training Attestation for 2020. If the training is taken as a group, the attestation can be completed by an authorized representative on behalf of the group as long as the providers are encompassed under the organization Tax identification Number (TIN) and listed on the attestation.

Start attestation


For additional information about the CMS requirement for MOC training, please visit the CMS website.