Care Coordination Options


Independent Health has resources that range from urgent care to case management and hospital alternatives.

Independent Health 24-Hour Medical Help Line

We offer a 24-Hour Medical Help Line to our members, which allows them to speak with an experienced registered nurse to get answers to their questions and find out what step they may need to take. Members can find the 24-Hour Medical Help Line phone number on the back of their member ID card or by logging into Learn more about Medical Help Line.

Urgent Care

Access a list of Urgent Care Centers by location including immediate care for orthopaedic injuries and after-hours pediatric care.

Palliative Care

A palliative care program provides services to help individuals and their families by optimizing independence and comfort during a serious or chronic illness. Services include:

  • Pain and symptom management to improve quality of life.
  • Education on living with chronic illness and setting goals.
  • Strategies for coping with the symptoms of their disease.
  • In-home and 24-hour telephone consultations with palliative care experts.
  • Assistance with advance care planning and future decision making.

Learn more about palliative care programs by county. Independent Health can also help connect you and your patients to local palliative care programs. Please call the Independent Health Care Coordination Department (information below) and press 3.

Independent Health Care Coordination Department

The Independent Health Care Coordination Department offers a variety of programs that providers can refer their patients to. Programs are coordinated by professional case managers. These individuals are licensed health professionals, nurses, social workers, certified diabetes educator/dietitian and physical therapists. To contact the department, call (716) 635-3523, and use the following menu to connect to the correct program:

  • Intermediate Care for Hospital Diversion – PRESS 1
  • Authorization or Coverage – PRESS 2
  • Referral to case management or disease management – PRESS 3
  • Behavioral Health case management – PRESS 4

List of Care Coordination Department programs:

Care Partners (PRESS 3)

This program is designed to provide in-home social work care management primarily for the frail elderly. The program is available to residents of Erie and Niagara counties that enrolled in Independent Health’s Medicare Advantage.

Case Management (PRESS 3)

Note: To reach behavioral health case management, PRESS 4.

Independent Health provides a full spectrum of case management services, including short-term and complex case management. Our case management specialty areas include:

  • CHF
  • COPD
  • Multiple comorbid conditions
  • Prenatal Care
  • Transplants
  • Pediatric
  • Trauma
  • Cancer

Disease Management (PRESS 3)

Programs and valuable personalized information are available to address:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Diabetes

Hospital Alternatives (PRESS 1)

Case managers are available to assist you in coordinating expedited care for your patients experiencing a non-emergent medical event to the most appropriate level care (sub-acute nursing facility or home care) as an alternative to a lengthy and possibly unnecessary ER visit and/or hospital stay. Programs and services are coordinated when a patient is presented to you with specific conditions such as:

  • Wound care and/or infection requiring infusion therapy.
  • Placement in a subacute facility for rehabilitation and/or condition stabilization.
  • Exacerbation of chronic conditions such as CHF, COPD and pneumonia.