Over-the-Counter Allowance


Independent Health Medicare members* have access to hundreds of health and wellness products through the OTC benefit. With NationsOTC,® you can get brand-name or generic over-the-counter items like vitamins, pain relievers, dental supplies and much more.

Your Personal Health Profile: Built With You in Mind

You have the option of self-reporting your conditions. If you do this, you'll receive product recommendations and health information tailored to your unique needs. What you choose to share can be used to help you achieve your desired health goals.**

How It Works:

The benefit allowance is earned the first day of each quarter. The quarterly allowance unspent balances do not carry over from one quarter to the next. On the first day of the quarter, the balance is reset. If you spend more than the quarterly allowance amount, you can use a personal credit/debit card to cover the difference.

Ordering Is Easy! Experienced Advisors Are Available 24/7, All Year Long

Please review our helpful video about this exciting benefit and how to use the NationsOTC website:

Orders ship to your home at no additional cost, most within 2 days.

Allowance is made available by quarter. Allowance does not carry over quarter to quarter or plan year to plan year. Costs over the allowed amount are the member’s responsibility. This benefit can only be used for covered items through NationsOTC.® *Excludes Independent Health’s Encompass 65® Edge HMO plan. **Information is private and will not be shared.

Last Updated 08/05/2022