Staying Active is Easy with our Work Out from Home Videos

Making time for the exercise you and your family needs can be a challenge, and may often seem easier said than done. As families spend more time together at home, it’s important that everyone stick with those habits that promote good health – including regular exercise.

Our corporate wellness team, experienced in the fields of exercise and nutrition, has produced a series of instructional videos on a variety of health and fitness topics to show how exercising at home can be both easy and fun to do.

Filmed in their homes, driveways and more, these videos demonstrate that exercise can be done almost anywhere, and how fitness can continue to be a priority in any situation!

Essential Movements for a Healthy Back

Follow along and do a seated & standing spinal Flexion, Hip Glides, Prone Elbow Pose and Press Ups.

Movements to Support Back Health

Join us and learn 3 movements to help keep your back and spine healthy: Cat-Camel movement; Psoas stretch and Spine Hygiene stretch.

Big Three Exercises for Core Stability

Using 3 exercises you can help prevent or alleviate back pain by improving your core stability. Follow along and learn how to do a Side Plank, Bird-Dog and Curl Up.

4-Minute Family Fitness Challenge

Get ready for some jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squats and other exercises perfect for a family. No equipment needed.

5-Minute Bodyweight Strength Challenge

Challenge your whole body using only your bodyweight. No equipment needed, only a little room on the floor and a winning attitude!

10-Minute Chair Stretch & Mindset Reset

Time to loosen up your tight back and hips, and uplift your spirit with some positive thinking and gratefulness during this mindfull stretch.

9-minute 200 Reps Workout

10 reps of 10 exercises two times gets you a 200-rep full body workout! Medium weights or DIY weights and a sturdy chair needed.

12-minute Kick it, Punch it, Crunch it!

3 minutes each of kicking, punching and core work! Low-impact, light cardio. No equipment needed.

18-minute Yoga Inspired Movement

Using yoga-inspired movement, this no impact routine will challenge your core and increase your flexibility. A floor mat is recommended.

4-minute Paper Plate Workout

Cardio and strength routine using 2 paper plates under your feet to create resistance. Also recommended to have an elevated surface close by (e.g. coffee table or couch).

6 minute Stair Workout Challenge

Cardio activity using a few steps in your house. Supportive shoes recommended.

13 minute Full Body Workout

Work and rest intervals using bodyweight strength and cardio exercises to work your whole body. Fast feet, wall sit, push-ups, squats and more.

Looking for more? Additional videos will be added in the future so check back often!

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