Independent Health REVEAL Application Upgraded February 1 at 8pm

Independent Health is upgrading the REVEAL application to version 8.1 on February 1 between 8 pm – 10 pm. REVEAL will not be available during this time.

After the upgrade, REVEAL users will be able to use the same shortcut or favorites selection. Although there will not be functional changes to REVEAL 8.1, some cosmetic changes (i.e., coloring) will be noticed following this upgrade.

Also, as previously communicated, a requirement for using the upgraded REVEAL application is having the Java 7 or higher version of software installed on your computer.

REVEAL users should contact your office manager or your company’s IT department to determine the current version of Java installed on their computer. If you have Java 6 or lower, please seek assistance through your practice to have Java 7 or higher installed on your computer so you may continue to utilize REVEAL after this upgrade.

Click here to review what to should know when you first access REVEAL 8.1