Independent Health’s REVEAL is receiving an Upgrade - Update

What is REVEAL?
REVEAL offers providers immediate access to complete detail acknowledgement on all electronic claims submissions, current status on all existing voucher information, and primary care roster reports with new, current, and removed patients.

What’s happening to REVEAL?
REVEAL is being upgraded from its current version of 7.1 to 8.1.

When will REVEAL be upgraded?
Although originally communicated that REVEAL could be upgraded as soon as early December 2016, this upgrade date has now been deferred. REVEAL users and others will be updated when a new date is determined.

How will this upgrade affect REVEAL users?

1) There will be no access to REVEAL during this upgrade. REVEAL users will be notified in advance of specific dates/times that it will not be accessible.

2) Provider offices that do not have the software program Java 7 on their computer(s) will need to download it. Any REVEAL user with JAVA 6 or lower will need to do so to utilize the upgraded version of REVEAL. Java 7 is available to download free of charge online at

3) Users will notice some cosmetic changes (i.e., coloring) but otherwise there will not be functional changes to REVEAL.

Is there anything REVEAL users should do in advance of this upgrade?

Contact your manager or IT department to determine the current version of Java installed on your computer. If you have Java 6 or lower, installing Java 7 is required to continuing utilizing the upgraded version of REVEAL. Seek permission to upgrade and acquire assistance to upgrade.

If your company prohibits the use of Java 7 or have any other related questions, please contact Melissa Masse at Independent Health via email at (Note: Independent Health’s policy is not to direct or assist provider in changing configurations or loading programs to workstations)

Also, as a reference for your information, is the attached tip sheet.

Why is this upgrade happening?
REVEAL is receiving an upgrade to its current hardware and software technology that will provide improved security and other back-end functions not visible to users.