Patient Visit Reminders Based on Results from our Member National Survey

In order to track and improve its services and performance, Independent Health issues a national survey to its members. This survey asks plan members to report on and evaluate their experiences with health care.

The good news is the 2015 survey shows our members overwhelmingly feel they’re getting timely appointments and needed care. However, the survey also shows some respondents did not recall their primary doctors discussing topics related to flu vaccination, explanations of lab tests or discussions around medications.

We know physicians take the time to discuss those topics during their patient visits, but some patients may not feel they’re having enough discussions on some topics. Physicians may want to emphasize the following topics with their patients:

  • Flu vaccine. Review the importance of the flu vaccine. Confirm the patient has had the flu vaccine. If not, the patient should consider receiving it.
  • Reason for tests. Make sure the patient understands the reason for lab work and other diagnostic tests, as well as how and when the patient will obtain the results.
  • Medications. Review all medications your patients are taking. Be sure they’re aware why they are taking the medications.

Thank you for the care you and your care teams are providing to our Independent Health members.