Helping Physicians, Providers and Members Prepare for Value-Based Care

A major trend quietly but rapidly taking hold in the U.S. health care industry, value-based care has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes and overall access to care, while dramatically changing standards used to reimburse physicians and providers.

Recognizing and embracing this potential, Independent Health has engaged with its network of physicians and providers as well as our members to prepare for this new way of delivering and receiving health care.  As part of this effort, Independent Health is helping its members better understand their plan benefits and options to discuss with their physicians to make informed decisions about how and where to receive their health care and manage the costs.

Independent Health has created an online resource designed to inform our members of simple ways to save and manage their health care costs.  An opportunity added to this menu of options illustrates the cost differences of certain medical services delivered at freestanding facilities as compared to an outpatient hospital setting.

Your role as our members’ physician or other health care provider is vital to their overall quality of life.  It’s also important as everyone throughout our region and nation navigates the complex health care delivery system.  As you manage, maintain and address your patient’s health needs, please keep these and other opportunities in mind to help them save on their health care costs and maintain a healthy lifestyle.