Care Navigation: New program for Medicare Advantage members

Independent Health has begun a new initiative for our Medicare Advantage members in 2016, known as Care Navigation.

The new Care Navigation program is designed to work jointly with our health care partners, such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and home health care agencies, in achieving effective and smooth transition of Medicare Advantage members from an acute to post-acute care setting; improving the health and safety for your patients; reducing unnecessary readmissions; achieving high-quality, cost-effective care; and ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our members, their families, and providers.

Our Care Navigators, who are registered nurses supported by care coordinators, nurse practitioners and social workers when necessary, will be working with your patients who are Independent Health Medicare Advantage members who are in hospitals and nursing facilities, or receiving home care. The Care Navigators will provide post discharge telephonic or home visits depending upon risk for readmission.

This innovative program augments current care management activities without impeding your office practices, and will help advance our shared goal of better coordinated care.