HealtheNet change on Eligibility Response screen for Independent Health

Coming soon, the following change will be made to the "Eligibility Response" screen under the "Plan Benefit Detail" section. Independent Health will begin to return both the eligibility date and the benefit plan effective dates.

The member effective dates will utilize the 356/357 segments and will display the eligibility date which is the date the patient first became effective with Independent Health and the end date. However, if the patient is still effective, the end date will be blank. Please note that due to Independent Health’s claims system conversion, the patient’s effective date will only go back to the date that the patient was transitioned over to the new system.

The benefit plan effective date will utilize the 346/347 segment and this date will represent the benefit plan effective and end date. However, if the benefit plan is still effective, the end date will be left blank. This change will replace the group renewal date that currently returns in the "Additional Information" section of the "Plan Benefit Detail" section and represent the patient’s plan renewal date.

Plan Benefit Detail