Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio: Crosswalk for Product to Line of Business (LOB)

As part of our claims system transition, group suffixes are no longer on member ID cards. To assist providers in connecting our products to our lines of business, we have created a product portfolio document to assist at registration and with posting payments. The document lists plan name on ID card, plan name in HEALTHeNET, benefit network, PCP requirement and referral requirement.

Please note that on the "Eligibility and Benefits" page in HEALTHeNET, the "Plan Name" no longer will populate with the Independent Health Company/LOB code. In order to correctly use the product portfolio, you will need to match both the "Plan Description" and "Plan Name" to find the correct LOB code in the product portfolio document. Some plan descriptions will be listed on multiple lines of business, so it is very important to match both.