Independent Health’s secure provider portal is the valuable resource for physician practices in their aim to provide quality, patient-centered care to Independent Health members.

Having an online portal account is the only way to have access to:

  • Documents, Policies and Office Forms
  • Code Look-up
  • Details on our initiatives with providers and physician practices
  • Practice-specific Performance reporting,
    including Gaps-in-Care reports*
  • News and important updates
  • Practice, Reimbursement and Pharmacy manuals
  • Secure electronic messaging

*Currently available only to primary care practices

Are you a Provider? Join Our Network

We still provide an array of features that help you maintain your relationship with your patients.
Some of those features include:

Policies & Guidelines

Provider Manual

Independent Health's Provider Manual is designed to help participating providers' role as network providers and to make them aware of Independent Health's policies and procedures.

Reimbursement Manual

The Participating Practitioner Reimbursement Manual was developed as a reference document for all practitioners who participate with Independent Health.

Pharmacy Manual

Independent Health's Pharmacy Manual is designed to be used to assist healthcare professionals in obtaining information about our services as well as answer questions regarding our pharmacy policies and procedures.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

These guidelines are a listing of preventive health, disease-specific, and care management clinical practice guidelines, which include recommendations intended to optimize patient care.

Other resources include a comprehensive list of updated Policies and Clinical Practice Guidelines. Log In Now
Provider Directory

The Independent Health Provider Directory offers customized search capabilities to help you search for different types of providers by location, specialty, and plan type. This helpful tool can help you offer educated referrals for your patients with just one simple search.

Office Management


Independent Health's REVEAL provides you with immediate access to complete detail acknowledgement on all electronic claims submissions, current status on all existing voucher information, and PCP roster reports with new, current, and removed patients.

Medical Services Requiring Authorization

Independent Health is transitioning to the use of InterQual® clinical criteria. As we transition to InterQual®, we are discontinuing Independent Health policies on an ongoing basis.

EDI Tools

Independent Health is proud to offer our providers access to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for claims and other HIPAA transactions. We offer both testing and production regions.

You can also find a full list of Office Forms and updated information on Office Matters. Log In Now
Latest News & Updates

Scope Newsletter

This monthly publication distributed via email includes important information from Independen Health for participating physicians and providers, office managers, and staff.

Script Newsletter

This newsletter is published quarterly as a way to help keep the communications line active with the pharmacy network that services our members.

Policy Updates

Stay up to date with all the latest policy updates.

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Medicare Enhanced
Annual Wellness Visit

Find helpful tips and documents to make the Enhanced Annual Wellness Visit and your Medicare patients as easy as possible.

Member ID Cards

View Examples of all the applicable Independent Health member ID cards.

Primary Care
Value-based Payment Programs

Partnering with the Physicians in Advancing Patient Care.

We offer an array of resources including Drug Formularies, Member ID Cards, and more. Log In Now