Platinum Plans

FlexFit Platinum is a terrific plan offering a variety of rich benefits. If you prefer less paperwork and the convenience of easy copays for office visits, FlexFit Platinum is the perfect choice.

This plan includes a $250 primary care office visit allowance you can use toward primary care physician office visits. To encourage healthier eating habits, this plan gives you the option of our unique nutrition benefit – spend $2 on fresh fruits and vegetables, get a $1 credit back – up to $500 per individual, or $1,000 for a family. Or, you can choose our personalBest! health and wellness benefit – featuring a $250 debit card to use toward a fitness center membership, after-school programs, yoga, Tai Chi, massage therapy, vitamins and more!

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The summary below provides you with a brief overview of benefits available through FlexFit Platinum. Click on the “Learn More” link at the bottom of the column to view the plan’s detailed Summary of Benefits and Coverage.

FlexFit Platinum
Product Attributes:
Unique Benefits personalBest! or Nutrition Benefit
$250 Primary Care Office Visit Allowance Yes
$0 Preventive Care Services Yes
Primary Care Office Visit $10
Specialist Office Visit $30
Emergency Room $150
Urgent Care Yes
Inpatient Hospitalization (per admission) $500
Pharmacy $4/$30/50%
In-Network Deductible $0
In-Network Coinsurance 0%
HSA Qualified plan No
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