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Here’s what you get:

Empower Plan Benefits

Independent Health’s Empower® plan rewards you with lower copays and deductibles for making healthier lifestyle choices.

Two Benefit Levels

  1. Enhanced – Lower copays, deductibles and/or coinsurance (varies by plan)

  2. Standard – Higher copays, deductibles and/or coinsurance (varies by plan)

You are automatically enrolled in the Enhanced level and must complete a Health Assessment within the first three months to continue enjoying the benefits of this plan. We will review the results to confirm the following key health factors are met:
  • Non-tobacco user
  • Blood pressure less than or equal to 140/90
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) less than or equal to 30

Empower focuses on these health factors because they can have a great impact on one’s overall health and well-being. If you don’t meet some or all of the above requirements, you will need to meet with your doctor to create a plan to address your health risks. To remain in the Enhanced plan, you must submit an Empower Provider Confirmation Form to Independent Health. If you do nothing, you will be moved to the Standard plan after the first three months of coverage

For additional details, check the benefit summary enclosed in your sales packet. Benefits vary by plan.Verbal translation, alternate formats of written materials, and/or assistance for those with special needs, may be available upon request. Traducción verbal, formatos alternativos de materiales escritos y/o asistencia para quienes tienen necesidades especiales, disponibles a solicitud. Independent Health’s Empower is a registered service mark of Independent Health Benefits Corporation.

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