Spring 2019 Insight Employer Newsletter

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Independent Health announces new partnership with HealthEquity

As a way to make it easier for our employers and members to manage, use and maximize Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Independent Health is now partnering with HealthEquity, one of the leading administrators of HSAs in the nation.

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Taking action to help control prescription drug prices is critical

By Martin Burruano, R.Ph., Vice President, Pharmacy Services, Independent Health

Prescription drug prices continue to skyrocket. National health expenditure data shows the U.S. spent $333 billion on prescription drugs in 2017, up 40% from $236 billion in 2007. Without significant action, that unsustainable trend will continue, with prescription drugs representing an increasingly larger portion of the nation’s overall health spending, negatively impacting employers’ ability to offer affordable employee benefits.

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5 steps to begin a successful workplace wellness program

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates lost productivity due to absenteeism in the U.S. costs employers $225.8 billion annually, or $1,685 per employee. However, employers who implement a comprehensive workplace wellness program can help bring down these costs, effect positive lifestyle changes among their workforce, and create a culture of health within their company.

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Celebrating 15 years of Healthy Options

Since 2004, the Independent Health Foundation’s Healthy Options® program has been dedicated to helping Western New Yorkers make wiser decisions when dining out and cooking at home.

More than 250 local restaurants and food trucks currently participate with Healthy Options to heart-healthy food options for their customers. The program also offers monthly cooking classes and a website that features a list of participating restaurants, weekly blog posts, healthy recipes and much more.

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Reddy Bikeshare program expands into Niagara Falls

Independent Health has once again teamed up with Shared Mobility, Inc. to bring 250 GPS-enabled bicycles to the streets of Buffalo for short-term, shared use through the Reddy Bikeshare program. Plus, coming this summer, more than 100 Reddy bikes will also be available to residents and visitors of Niagara Falls. Since the program’s launch in July 2016, 9,350 Reddy bike riders have burned 4.8-million calories and traveled a collective total of 116,345 miles (almost ½ the distance from the earth to the moon). To learn more, click here.

Brook can help your employees get healthy

Whether your employees are experiencing diabetes, hypertension, or just want to be healthier, the Brook Personal Health Companion app can help them better manage their overall health. Using an intuitive blend of technology, Brook provides personalized advice and chat-based coaching from health experts. All Independent Health members enrolled in a fully-insured plan can download Brook for free on their smartphones. For additional information, visit independenthealth.com/brook.