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Independent Health’s Core View puts information at your clients' fingertips. Not only that, it gives them access to a team of Independent Health expert analysts – an account manager, physicians, pharmacists, epidemiologists, registered nurses, underwriters and actuaries – to help them translate their information into meaningful and practical insight and take actionable steps to improve their health care use and costs.

Your clients can use Core View to help identify, analyze and manage the risk factors driving health care spending. It allows them to:

  • Gain greater understanding and insight into claims.
  • Manage and predict health care costs.
  • Evaluate, modify, and recommend health plan designs.
  • Measure and evaluate employee engagement.

More specifically, here is what Core View can do:

Online Reporting Key Features
  • At-a-glance dashboards of performance with meaningful, web-based reporting
  • Print-ready standard reports available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Direct access to online reports refreshed monthly
  • Ability to save, export or print reports
  • Interactive tabular and graphical views of data
  • Compare two 12-month time periods
  • Evaluate impact on the group’s PMPM expenses and trends
Financial Management
  • Financial results (paid, savings, network use)
  • Annual and quarterly trend analysis
  • Cost and utilization analysis by type of service and conditions
Clinical Management
  • Claim analysis (high-cost cases, lag)
  • Claimant analysis (cost-sharing, disease prevalence, risk groups)
  • Membership distribution by age, gender
Pharmacy Management
  • Prescription utilization and trends
  • Top prescription drugs
  • Generic/brand and mail/retail
Provider Analysis
  • Network utilization
  • Top hospitals and physicians
  • Provider Analysis and specialty, network and pharmacy analysis

Want to know more? If you have questions about Core View and how it can help your clients, call 1-800-453-1910.