Patient-driven partnership

Independent Health and Brook expand patient-driven partnership

Buffalo, NY (November 14, 2018) – Independent Health and Brook, a leading digital health platform for chronic disease management, have made it easier for Independent Health members to self-manage their care and make the best decisions about their overall health by expanding the capabilities of the Brook Health Companion for smartphones.

Originally designed to assist those with diabetes, the newly enhanced Brook Health Companion now offers a variety of features that can specifically help those with hypertension understand and control their disease better, as well as provide general health and wellness management support for all Independent Health members.

“Brook has already helped many of our members manage their diabetes, so we’re very excited to expand this innovative service that will now help address the health needs of our entire membership,” said John Haughton, M.D., Senior Vice President-Chief Clinical Improvement Officer, Independent Health. “By downloading the Brook Health Companion for free, our members not only have the ability to log and monitor important individual health information at anytime from anywhere, they can also quickly connect with a health expert who will provide them with personalized guidance and advice when they need it the most.”

“Independent Health is a terrific partner and collaborator,” said Oren Nissim, CEO and Co-Founder, Brook. “They understand the role of innovation and the power of data to help provide a better health care experience. Ultimately, it’s about putting the power of health care management in the hands of the members.”

*NEW* Brook’s Hypertension Experience
For those living with hypertension, the Brook Health Companion now offers a wide range of condition-based skills including blood pressure protocols, medication support, specific dietary needs and recommendations for increasing cardiovascular health.

  • Users can easily and conveniently measure, log and track their blood pressure over time.
  • The Brook experts provide the full spectrum of hypertension support customized to each user’s personal needs.
  • Since many people with diabetes also have hypertension, Brook can provide a dedicated experience for users who need to manage both conditions during their day-to-day lives. The Brook experts consider the full health story of each user and provide help and support consistent with their conditions.

*NEW* Brook’s General Health Experience

  • All users of the Brook Health Companion can now track their exercise, nutrition, medication, and sleep pattern information on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Brook analyzes the data so that it can deliver personalized health and wellness recommendations to each user.
  • Brook’s team of experts, including nutritionists and registered dietitians, work with each user to set personal goals and develop strategies for accountability to achieve them.
  • The Brook experts offer professional guidance for creating healthy habits such as fitting more activity into busy days, planning delicious and balanced meals, and increasing energy.

“By providing our members with innovative tools and resources such as the Brook Health Companion, we are able to engage them in their health and help them more effectively manage their chronic condition,” said Dr. Haughton.

Independent Health’s partnership with Brook
Since March 2017, Brook has been helping empower Independent Health members who have diabetes to have complete control over the management of their condition. This includes Amy Kan of Blasdell, who credits Brook for helping her to lower her A1c level from 11.0 percent to a healthy 5.5 percent.

When she was first diagnosed in October 2016, Kan struggled to manage her type 2 diabetes and felt very frustrated. However, once she began using Brook, she learned more about her condition and was able to reach her goals faster.

“All the information I need is now right at my fingertips. It’s quick and easy,” said Kan. “When it comes to my diabetes, the Brook experts tell me what I need to know, what to do and what to change. I no longer need to try to find this information on my own. If I have any questions or problems or just need some guidance, Brook is there for me 24/7. I don’t feel alone anymore.”

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