Who's Involved

Who’s Involved

There are several groups that are the driving force behind The Primary Connection: primary care physicians, specialty care physicians and Independent Health. Learn more about their roles and how their collaborative efforts are transforming health care delivery in Western New York.

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Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are the center of The Primary Connection initiative and are a group of elite doctors. Each of their care teams are committed to providing their patients with the highest level of quality care in the most efficient manner. By working together with specialists and other health care professionals, they help to improve the way care is coordinated.
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Although specialists are not a part of The Primary Connection, the primary care physicians are taking an active role in meeting with specialists to explain our vision and engage with them. Together, they are working in close alignment to enhance patient care, improve the patient’s experience of care and address the inefficiencies and redundancies that contribute to rising health care costs.

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Independent Health

Through our practice care coordinators (PCCs), practice management consultants and Independent Health pharmacists, we work with The Primary Connection practices and physicians to provide the support they need in adopting Best Practices.

Learn more about the role of our PCCs, consultants and pharmacists:

Practice Care Coordinators (PCCs)

An Independent Health PCC is a registered nurse who works right in a Primary Connection practice as an extended care manager. The PCC helps coordinate and evaluate all the care options and services available in order to develop a personal care plan for a patient.

Practice Management Consultants

Practice management consultants are the “liaison” between The Primary Connection and the primary care or specialty care practices. They provide recommendations and/or solutions to assist the practice in improving their clinical and business performance.


Independent Health pharmacists aid The Primary Connection with formulary compliance and reviewing of prescribing patterns and help identify formulary opportunities like utilizing generic drugs instead of brand-name. They also do educational outreach for physicians and patients.