Reforming Health Care

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s the first time health insurance can be offered by employers and bought by consumers on the Web-based marketplace called New York State of Health. We recognize that this brings about a number of questions, which is why we’ve put together some useful resources to help you stay well informed.

Reform Education

Health Reform Education

Choose one of the links below to learn more about the ACA and what it means for you:

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Affordable Care Act: The Basics

Affordable Care Act: The Basics

Learn the basics of health care reform – why it’s needed and how it might affect you.
Creating a Culture of Health in WNY

Creating a Culture of Health in WNY

See what role we’re playing in health care reform here in Western New York.

The Primary Connection The Primary Connection

Read more about an initiative that is transforming care delivery as we know it.