2019 Proposed Premium Rates for Community-Rated Large Group Plans

New York State law requires health plans to submit proposed premium rate adjustments to the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) for review and approval before the plans can charge the new rates.

In accordance with these requirements, Independent Health has submitted proposed rate adjustments for its community-rated large group plans to the DFS for an effective date of January 1, 2019.

Independent Health’s Community-Rated Large Group Plans

  • Encompass A
  • Encompass B
  • Encompass C
  • Encompass D
  • FlexFit
  • FlexFit Select
  • Encompass Essential “E”
  • Encompass Essential Base 2
  • Encompass for NYSHIP with Rx
  • Encompass for NYSHIP without Rx

The DFS may approve or modify the proposed rate adjustments. Final confirmation of the approved premium rates will be provided to employers and subscribers approximately 60 days before their 2019 renewal date.

To learn why Independent Health is proposing a rate change for these plans, please read our Large Group Plan Narrative.

Please note: The information included in the narrative does not apply to experience-rated large group, small group, individual, self-funded or Medicare Advantage plans.